Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A slow miracle is still a miracle!

It's been two weeks since the first CT scan, and another CT scan last week showed that the partial blockage was beginning to heal. Chris was finally put on a clear liquids diet over the weekend, and managed a few sips of broth and a bite of jello until he said he felt "Thanksgiving full". Baby steps!

Many ask about his spirits - although he is agitated by hospital life (pricks, beeps, nurses 24/7), he is happy to be moving forward. I've personally been able to witness hope light his face again. It feels like a gift. I watch him as we walk the halls and he believes - he KNOWS this is it. He is healing.

Almost two years ago, we received the letter telling us of Dr. Galloways team from our now dear friends, the Petersons. We didn't know it then - but it would be another two years of trials until we felt the tiniest, first fruits of harvest. We are so grateful for the letters and cards that encourage us along the way. Without the kindness of strangers, I can honestly say we wouldn't be here today.

Keep you all posted! One month in the hospital already, the goal is for him to rehabilitate at home soon. This is still the very beginning of a long road where Chris will have to learn to live with what he has left. A challenge indeed - but one he will not back down from. God has brought us THIS far already... :)

With gratitude,
Jamie Lynn


  1. Jamie Lynn, we are praising God for Christopher's successful surgery and the signs of hope you are seeing. We will continue to pray. Carol Cobb

  2. I am just so amazingly excited for the both of you! It was incredible seeing you today and the change in both your faces with the progress that's been made! As a military wife myself, it really hits home for Chris to have made it through deployments and such only to come home to something like this but he has fought so hard with such amazing support from the best wife he could ever ask for! There are only good things to come and I'm so sad I won't be there any more to check in and see you guys but I'll definitely keep up on here and Facebook! Keep up the faith and I'll will keep praying!!!! Krystyn Hammond

  3. I saw y'all at church yesterday and it made me smile! It was so good to see your smiling faces. I wanted to shout for joy when I read his CT scan showed no leaks! Praise God! So many people are hoping and praying for you! Blessings! Kelly Macpherson

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