Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Home and Recovering

Hello All!

It's an honor to share this good news with those who have been following our story...Chris is HOME and HEALING! We had another "side step" just before leaving when Chris fell in the hospital and fractured his T3 and T4 vertebrae. He was in a lot of pain. They kept him longer to monitor his head and spine. All seems slightly better now and he is walking more at home which helps with recovery. While the fall was disheartening, we kept thanking God that nothing upset his newly constructed bowels. He came home on about 20 medications so we have been a bit overwhelmed and trying to get a new schedule down.

The inflammation in his bowel has still not minimized to a point where he can eat anything other than liquids. He does have an ENORMOUS appetite (he craves Publix fried chicken, PB&J's, and chocolate milkshakes haha!) but sips of chicken broth and popsicles are all he can manage until the inflammation goes down more. They are going to do another CT scan in 3-4 weeks and we will see if he can incorporate more solids from there.

The doctors haven't talked about it in depth yet, but the next stage of recovery (when he eats) will be trying to get enough nutrition and maintain his weight with food and water. It will be incredibly difficult, but the goal for a young guy like Chris is to be off of the TPN and IV fluids. The diet is referred to as "low residue". I have been told that this process can take anywhere from three months to a year.

Keep you all posted after his next CT scan in a few weeks.

Jamie Lynn and Chris Sparkman


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  2. Saw your testimony at church today very moving. My family was so moved. God bless you and your wife.

  3. God is good and God is the great physician
    God wanted Chris here on this Earth to serve Jesus and I am so happy that your hubby is doing so well
    God is the best physician ever!!!!
    You all have a Life long love together to be a witness of what God can do and what he can bring you thru
    Jesus loves you 2 so very much
    I am so happy your hubby is doing so much better and God will make him all well again
    God bless the two of you!!!

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  7. I have twice donated $200, once via the lawyer's office and once directly.

    Can you please advise as to how things are going these days? Is Chris up and about or still awaiting more surgery?

    I don't see any further info on the civil suit against Fed Ex. I know it was filed in State Court, then moved briefly to Federal District Court only to be dismissed so that it could go back to State Court, but I didn't see it re-appear there.

    What happened? Did you settle the case with Fed Ex or are you still pressing on with it?

    I have several local blog sites and would like to report on how things are going. A month ago I emailed your lawyer's office but got no reply.

    Bill Harris

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  9. can you give us an update on Chris' health as well as the Fedex lawsuit?

  10. Curious to hear how things are going too... would love a blog update. All the best to you and Chris

  11. I check back every few months. Are we to assume there was an out of court settlement an shutting down this blog was a condition? Hopefully Chris got the financial compensation to make life easier for you both.


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