Friday, February 24, 2017

The CT Scan.

A corner has been turned. I remember talking about this corner when Chris was back at Kennestone. Always so close, and then thrown back into the pit after a leak in his bowel occurred. We are now walking in a direction of healing that we have never had the opportunity to go..that, very honestly, we were learning to look at life and feel Gods love for us with or without.

Chris' CT came back showing that there were NO LEAKS in his newly reconstructed bowel. You heard leaks.

We kept talking to the doctor after the report, but her voice was fading. The weight of what was said washed over us, like a grand wave on a shore, drawing our shackles back into the water with it. Tears. Freedom. Hope. Life. There is still a long road ahead...but the miracle we were learning to live without has been given and we give thanks to Jesus for what has been done.

Christopher still can not eat or drink due to a lot of inflammation around the site that was repaired. However, the doctor said this can be expected and he will recheck with a CT in 7 days. Chris' rehabilitation after eating will involve learning how to live with short-bowel syndrome as well as therapies to get his back pain under control, etc. We all have about 600cm of small bowel, Chris has approx. 165cm of small bowel remaining, you can live with will be a change, but we're thankful for the opportunity to continue life together.

Thank you all for praying. This is a miracle. This is Jesus.

With love,
Chris and Jamie Lynn Sparkman


  1. So incredibly happy for you both. Faith pulled you through this far and faith will continue to guide you on the path He has chosen for you. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  2. To read this blog entry felt like Christmas bells ringing & angels singing Hallelujah! I am so thrilled for you & Christopher for this wonderful answer to prayer. Of course, we continue to pray & are expecting to hear good results from the next CT scan. God bless you both as you continue on this journey with such grace. You are the epitome to me of Romans 12:12. Love in Christ!

  3. This is so sad to see that your husband became the victim of brutality and got a shot at his mind. I dont know what these marons want from the innocent people and what they get by injuring and killing the people.

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