Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In the Waiting...


Chris and I hope you all had a blessed Christmas season. We read through an advent book on anticipating the arrival of our King. A miracle. We both read in amazement as they waited for their miracle, just as we wait for ours.

After the fistula plug was denied in November, the doctor gave us one more opportunity to try the fistula plug procedure. Chris went back on a medication that is supposed to give him the best chance to become a candidate. Although, the side effects of the medication are awful (nausea, severe cramping, etc.) I was told I would hear from the doctor by Jan. 10th. If he is still not approved for a fistula plug, it appears surgery will be the next best option in the early Spring.

I will keep you all posted, promise!

Chris was home for Christmas and the time with family has been so memorable. His grandparents came to visit this Fall, which was nice since we can't travel to them. The dogs love having their daddy home because he is a constant cuddle buddy for them. Chris and his pittie are attached at the hip. :)

Even with home health nurses, the wound care can be emotionally and physically draining for us.(For the new people reading, a hole in Chris' bowel empties stomach acid and the contents of his small bowel into a bag on his skin that is changed daily bc it's so painful). As you can imagine, we wait with anxious anticipation for the doctors next words!

Please pray that we would be hopeful and patient with the anticipation of God's promises in the next year. Thank you so much...

- Jamie Lynn

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