Friday, November 11, 2016

Hello friends,

Christopher and I wanted to let you all know that he went in for the fistula plug procedure on Thursday but unfortunately, due to the wound changing in the month since the original imaging, they had to abort the surgery and the radiology team does not recommend the plug for successful healing at this time.

We are going to see his surgeon next week, where we will process through what Chris' options (or rather lack of) are to complete his healing, and bind up the last leak in his bowel.

Chris is disappointed - who wouldn't be? We are looking forward to hearing more from the team at Emory. Of course, I will keep you all posted. God is still good.

Be well and love each other deeply.

- Jamie Lynn


  1. Sending love from Canada!
    All the best. You guys are so brave.

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  3. Please let us have us an update on Chris' condition. Have been thinking a lot about you both lately.