Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Home is Wherever I'm With You"

Dear Friends -

A blog post is long overdue. You all are so caring and your messages are encouraging to us. Are we really entering the Fall?! (well, at least calendar wise but not temperature wise). Man, it is HOT outside.

Christopher was sent home from Emory at the end of August for another stent of "bowel rest" at home. It's interesting that it's called rest, because with a small-bowel fistula and the pouch changes it can be quite busy and intimidating. He's on a new, cutting edge medication and we are already seeing signs of healing. Small, baby steps lead to big changes! He has had some good days, and of course we try our best to make memories for him where we are.

He will go back into the hospital at the end of September. There is a CHANCE that he will be eligible at that point for a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. If he is not (it depends on what his bowel looks like), it will likely lead to additional surgery in the late Fall or early Winter. He still has just one bag left...but depending on how that scan looks, we come to a fork in the road once again. Please pray for the non-surgical path, it would be the most amazing miracle to not have to send him back to the OR, ever again.

I'll be back to update you all after we know more in October. Enjoy these "endless" days of summer...

With love and appreciation,
Jamie Lynn & Chris

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  1. Sweet girl... we are definitely standing and believing with both of you for the non surgical route. Love you so much and think about and pray for you guys often. Thank you for the update and for directing us how to pray. Mama Kat

  2. My fiancee actually had the chance to meet Chris sometime ago before the incident. I guess he had to go up to FedEx for something, I really don't remember. Anyway, he said that Chris was one of the nicest guys he had ever met. Just wanted to tell you that :-) Hope everything is going ok.