Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It's been a steady few weeks for Chris - he had his 21st trip to the OR last Thursday where they put a skin graft over his midline incision. This was a big step for Chris - and we're praying for good results from the doctors this week! His actual wound is closing in very nicely, and wound care is consistently impressed with how fast it's healing in. Pretty soon, we'll be ready for our "waiting period" at home where Chris will wait for 6-7 months until his final surgery. He is still in some pain with the wound, the area on his leg where they pulled the skin graft, and constant bladder spasms and horrible headaches. It's difficult for him to get rest in the hospital, so he's looking forward to coming home. Chris has a lot going on with his body, and he says he appreciates specific prayers for some relief of pain during this time of healing.
Chris and I celebrated Independence Day at the hospital, and my parents were able to bring the dogs by to visit with "Daddy" for a few minutes outside. Chris was SO excited to see his boys...we sure do love our fur-kids. :)

One of the most difficult lessons we've learned through all of this is the natural roller coaster of dealing with trauma. The doctors tell us these "surprises" are ups and downs, we say they are just side steps. :) Either way, Chris' body is STILL healing every single day and we can remain confident in this. We will continue to see the GOODNESS of the Lord.
- Jamie and Chris

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