Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Chris has bounced back from his infection and he is doing really well! The power of prayer, God's hand in modern medicine, the human body - it's all phenomenal and continues to amaze me. Chris has started taking walks again. It's still very difficult for him to get around, but every walk is a step closer to home. Speaking of home - we're getting close. Chris is almost at the point where it's going to a "waiting game" for his body to heal until early 2015 when the surgeons can go back in and reverse the damage. He's very motivated to do what the doctors and nurses need him to accomplish so that he can come home with me and the pups one glorious day. It will be a true celebration. It's going to be a very difficult transition and very taxing on his body for a few weeks so we are asking for privacy during this time. Every knock on our door makes our Pitbull and Pug bark like crazy, so we would be grateful to avoid that commotion for awhile. :) He will have minimal energy (due to his IV food diet) and be participating in therapies, wound care, etc. Christopher is a very social person, and we will definitely ask for visitors down the road. During this transition it's extremely important to keep him away from possible outlets that could lead to germs/infection as he still has open wounds. Thank you all so much for understanding this. Love, Chris & Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn

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