Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's been a little over a month since Christopher's last surgery at Emory. After the discovery of the leak in his lower small bowel, we both experienced stages of anger, confusion, hopelessness and despair. Our spiritual journey took a deep dive, both together and separately...and with the support of faith, family, and friends we can once again give thanks for the grace and joy in our lives. Regardless of how long this road is actually going to be, there is always grace. There is always joy.

Now, a month after the initial leak, we are watching a slow miracle unfold. The leak is beginning to close on its own. We both saw it...and for awhile, no one said a word because we are too scared to hope, too scared to let ourselves believe that this could heal. Slowly, our hope has been reawakened. The nurses and techs can't get out of Chris' room without him reading them a daily devotion and praising Jesus for his mercy in our lives.

What changed? Our white-knuckled, clenched fists came down and our hearts cry was to feel the love of Jesus near. For the first time in two years, our view of God was based on truth and not on circumstances.
We realized; when everything is looking great, He loves us. When Chris' bowel leaks, He STILL loves us. Together, Chris and I continue to embrace the mystery of our God and His good, good plan for our lives.

Chris still remains in the hospital where he is being treated medically with IV antibiotics, IV nutrition & hydration, woundcare, special medications that aid in the healing/sealing of the bowel leak, and more.

Thank you for the continued letters, prayers, and messages of encouragement. They all come at divine moments, and move us to tears.

- Jamie Lynn & Christopher

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