Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Surgery #52

Christopher's 52nd surgery was today and lasted about 11 hours. The doctors were able to get through it without taking out much more bowel. This is important because Chris can't afford to lose much more without compromising his nutrition for life.

He is spending a few days in the ICU and will hopefully be brought out of his medically induced coma tomorrow at some point. It never gets easier to see him in this state - but we've learned when he is in THAT much pain - it truly is best. It's selfish to want to keep him awake through it. The surgery has an 80% success rate - pray the favor of healing flow from God.

It's a rough road from here - but we are now headed in the healing direction again and we have found our "super strength" in the supporting arms of Jesus. Who is Jesus to me right now? He is that giant rock shielding me from waves of anxiety, doubt, and hopelessness. I won't be captive of traumatic memories this time around. We may not know if this is his final surgery, but I'll never stop ASKING God for this all to come to an end.

Thank you for those that prayed. Keep lifting us up. He has a long night ahead, and I am by his side.

- Jamie Lynn

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