Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello to All -

Chris has been home a little over a week, and we are adapting to home care once again. He is enjoying his time at home with me and the pups, but Chris and I count down the days (a little under a month) until his next surgery. He's had a few good days, and a few bad. The woundcare and the pain from the wounds is enough to make him pass out at times.

We count down the days as motivation to keep going. It's truly indescribable what we go through on a daily basis. We have been in "survival mode" well over a year, and our goal is to get Chris back to Emory and his GI working with one more surgery.

I don't post much about myself, but as many of you who have been a caretaker know, I don't get to be a "wife" very often these days. When he is home, "caretaker" means much more for me. Woundcare nurse, Pharmacist, Psychologist, Taxi, Physical Therapist, Maid, Infusion Nurse, Administrative Assistant, Legal Admin Assistant, Home Manager...etc. Chris tells me all of the time how proud and impressed he is of me, and it means so much to know he appreciates me. To the person who sent me the caretaker prayer info - thank you, MUCH appreciated.

Please continue to pray over Chris physically, myself mentally, and for our marriage in it's entirety.

Thank you for the encouraging messages. We read them, but can't always respond.

Until next time,
Jamie Lynn

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