Monday, November 16, 2015

There is no doubt, it's been a difficult week to get through. With Chris having a set back last week, you would think I'd be used to things not going as planned - but I'm not, I'm so not. It's still a trauma trigger, and it becomes difficult to navigate once the emotion sets in.

I was driving my 6 mo. nephew home last night in the car and he was hungry. He was crying and thrashing and desperately begging to be fed and held. He didn't understand why...but I was in the drivers seat, and I knew he was hungry but that he would be OK. We were on our way to get formula, it wouldn't be long...but he didn't know that. As I was thinking about this scenario, I smiled and thought how God was showing me a small glimpse of myself this week. I am the baby thrashing about my life in the car seat and God is the wise driver that knows I'm safe, and that we're on our way to our destination despite my discomfort. 

Chris is doing better, but it's still a long journey ahead. One day at a is good. We are resting.

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