Monday, October 26, 2015

Whatever's In Front of Us, Help Us to Sing Hallelujah...

In just a few shorts days, Chris will go in for his 49th operation at Emory. This will (prayerfully) be his last surgery. According to his new surgeon, the wait to make this surgery easier simply is not worth the quality of life Chris currently endures.

In this surgery, they will attempt for the second time to repair the intestinal damage from when he was shot at point blank range with a shotgun at FedEx in April 2014.

We are breathing in courage & faith, and exhaling all fear.

If there is one thing that has consistently moved Chris and I to immeasurable amounts of gratitude, it's the faith of people who reach out daily to check on us, love on us, or simply go to Jesus on our behalf. Thank you.

Now, let's face this surgery with the boldness and confidence that only Jesus can provide.

I will update you all with his progress, and look forward to the other side of 'someday'...

"Whatever's in front of us, help us to sing Hallelujah..." - Bethany Dillon

- Jamie Lynn


  1. I keep you both in my prayers and hope for a full and complete recovery for Chris. May God bless you both and give your courage and strength and health and many many blessings. You both deserve it so much.

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