Monday, April 6, 2015


Wow, what a few weeks these have been. Chris and I hope you all had a beautiful Easter. As the anniversary of the shooting quickly approaches, we tried to focus on being grateful that he was here and we were able to celebrate regardless of being back in the hospital.
Chris went back to the OR for the 43rd time last Thursday. He is so brave but he can also get very tired and frustrated. He does still get weak a lot, but is pressing forward every day. They are continuing with the OR washouts, and getting closer each day to developing a successful mechanism on the right side of his belly that will keep the fecal materials from getting to the midline incision and then pouring into his abdomen which has happened so much we can't count. This is a meticulous surgery process, and so important because the waste that leaks inside Chris will eventually make him septic. If that happens, it's back for another wash out or he will get very sick. Just like last summer, we don't have much of an outlook or plans for the future beyond the upcoming 24 hours, as every bit of this medical planning is still very much day to day.

My family and I spend as much time as we can with him during the days and most nights. We try and distract Chris, keeping him occupied to get his mind off the constant pain, and we attempt to keep him motivated to continue to be strong and not give up. As a caretaker, this can be so exhausting with picking up the extra slack. I've received so many letters of support from other caretakers - it truly is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Chris' life is the greatest reward.
     Chris and I have been asked about Fed Ex often and although we have significant disagreements with all of Fed Ex's misleading communications with the media about the "cooperation" with our family and how they are allegedly assisting us, this is not the place to dispute that. Our lawyer and Chris and I will handle that in another way properly and truthfully in Court.

Chris and I want to thank everyone again for all of the letters and financial support. We can't work, obviously, and we simply wouldn't  be able to be where we are without you all. You all have been a part of this story and a part of his healing.  Please know that we love you all. Your love for us keeps us fighting.
Thank you,
Christopher and Jamie Lynn

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  1. Please know that my wife & I are fighting with you in spirit each & every day. We have been down a similar road as the 2 of you are in right now and it's very, very tough but please know there IS hope. Both of you keep fighting and try to enjoy a laugh or 2 once in a while. It helps!!