Sunday, March 22, 2015

Update 3/22/15

This is very painful for Chris and I to write about.

We had been so hopeful that the very last surgery that took place on February 16, 2015 would be his last. Unfortunately, we are heartbroken to still be dealing with another fistula or two in his belly as a complication from the frequent surgeries and the complexities of his many medical procedures. It has been concluded that these leakages from his abdomen have not stopped as of yet. Once the surgeons are able to maintain control of the leaking into his abdomen, Chris will no longer need to go to the OR for wash outs every 48 hours, which he has done courageously since Feb. 16th. But we are not there yet. If this can be achieved, we hope to be be returning home for "bowel rest" with some of the same woundcare, dressings and daily care that we came in with and hoped to reverse.

The surgeons and nurses at Wellstar have given 110%, especially with the unique and traumatic nature of his injuries and his inability to tolerate any more surgeries for now. We must wait again, perhaps for another year, for healing either here at the hospital or at home before they will be able to operate again and try to eliminate the fistulas.

We are so encouraged and thankful for your letters, comments and support. We are both so very exhausted, but with the support of our family, friends and the community, I am going to be able to be right where I am needed most right now, with him.

With love and gratitude
Jamie Lynn & Christopher


  1. Jamie,

    I'm still thinking of you guys. The abdomen will heal and he will continue to improve. I know it's mentally exhausting and emotionally devastating. The thing I have learned from intense medical issues is you cannot give up even when it seems dark.

    Much love,
    Dana McKay

  2. Jamie keep praying as I am for you and Chris. I know God will heal his body.
    Love yall!
    Sherry Hale
    Member of Westridge

  3. Hi guys,

    I hope you're making your head up. I am still thinking of you guys. This will get better !

    Dana McKay

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