Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When Chris and I walked out of the trauma hallway on July 10 at Kennestone, we told ourselves to expect the sidesteps. We told ourselves that home was going to be a new season, and just one step closer to a full recovery. We have had many wonderful days at home, and we have had some hard painful ones as well. Chris enjoys his time in the (new) backyard. Home Depot gifted us a new fence, a cedar arbor for shade, a swing, and patio chairs for him to sit in! It's truly a wonderful gift. He enjoys watching the dogs play. He has been walking on the treadmill to stay active and we take little adventures here and there to get him out of the house.
We told ourselves side steps are going to happen. And they have. We had to go to the ER this week with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Chris was admitted back to Kennestone for 48 hours when they found abnormalities in his gallbladder and kidney. Chris had "sludge" in his gallbladder from build up due to not eating (no reason for the liver or gallbladder to dump sludge into small bowel). While it was one of the worst pains to date for him, he is feeling much better after they inserted a drain into his gallbladder. Side note: there is officially NO more real estate on Chris' stomach for any more tubes.
Chris says he would appreciate continued prayers for his body, specifically his ureter that was hit by some pellets (tube between bladder and kidney). If it is healed when they do a test in a few weeks, Chris can eliminate a large amount of pain from the catheter and nephristomy tube (in his kidney).
We are home, again. Whew.
Thank you for the continued prayers.
Love, Chris and Jamie Lynn

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