Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It's been a busy week for Christopher and family!
On Tuesday, Christopher's father's company held a blood drive in Christopher's honor. So many people from the company came out to give, it's overwhelming to think about how many lives will be saved from that donation. It was an amazing gift.
Chris celebrated his 29th Birthday on Thursday (29 on the 29th!) and was able to make great memories with a few friends and family that joined him at the hospital. With assistance, Chris was able to take in some fresh air in one of the hospital gardens. It was a very nice birthday treat, as one of the nurses volunteered to come in to take him. All the nurses in ICU love Chris, and love to help him out even though he certainly keeps them busy! :)
In medical news - the doctors were able to do a contrast exam to look for the holes in the small bowel. While they still can't identify where the holes are, they were pleased to see much less leakage than what was anticipated. Doctors placed a tube in Christopher's left kidney to drain it out of his back. They believe this will aid the stint, and be able to keep all urine out of the wound. Doctors say that if this works, we're in really good shape to move the recovery timeline up because the wound will be able to heal much quicker.
Christopher will undergo surgery #16 this weekend, and the doctors will redress his wound, etc to continue to keep infection away.
Chris and I are so thankful for everyone's prayers. I've had a few breakdowns this week myself, with all of our milestones (anniversary, his birthday, and mine next week), but I constantly remind myself that he is HERE and we are on the road to recovery, no matter how long it takes. This too shall pass.
We are surrounded by the best doctors and nurses, the most incredible, selfless family members, and a lot of prayer that Chris and
I constantly feel the body of Christ praying for us through all this.
With love and gratitude, Jamie Lynn

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