Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Christopher will undergo his 12th surgery on Friday morning. It's a standard procedure every 48 hours that they have been doing, and they will focus on removing infection and cleaning the wound and abdominal areas that have been worked on. We are asking for a special prayer for Christopher's body tonight - there is a possibility that there might be another puncture in the small intestines. This could be serious, and we won't know for sure for a very long time due to how long its taking for the swelling to go down from all of the surgeries. Doctors think it could be another 1-3 years until they heal enough to completely repair. If there is a hole in the small intestines, Christopher could be set back in regards to getting adequate nutrition for a very long time. We are asking God to heal any hole that might be in the small intestines causing leaking. As Doctors have told us, "Christopher's body is ready to heal" and it all looks good, but we desperately need all of the bodily fluids to stay out of his wounds.

Christopher is in good spirits, cracking jokes, begging for ice chips, and asking to go for a lap or two around the ICU. My man is a champion. I am a very proud wife.

We cannot thank you all enough for lifting us up in prayer. I have my Jesus, I have my husband, it is GOOD.
- Jamie

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