Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Chris has progressed well after the final closure and began physical therapy the very next morning (Thursday May 8th). We think he surprised even himself by walking 60 ft. (with help or course) and on the next day he walked 300 ft. all over the ICU! As expected, his gregarious spirit and positive outlook was a force multiplier for family, friends, and caregivers. For example; when Chris initially came into the hospital room he asked the surgeon to put me under and fix me. After the 6th surgery, his vitals were way off the mark initially but improved significantly over the weekend. He is also learning to use his vocal cords and to swallow correctly again. Today, we are unfortunately facing one of those bumps in the road that we were told would come. Chris is going into another surgery to repair some internal injuries discovered after the 6th operation and to clean up damaged tissues. The doctors are confident that he will be even better in a few days. There will undoubtedly be more routine (hopefully) procedures down the road and some of his wounds will take many months and more surgeries to heal.

Immediate family is watching over Chris 24/7 and we are communicating with him constantly. He is overwhelmed, overjoyed, and encouraged by your thoughts, support, and prayers. Chris will not be ready for visitors for quite a while but we ask that you continue to send up blessings, prayers, and good wishes to him, Jamie Lynn, and the family. We know if he could he would give you all a great big hug.

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